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Hello everyone!

While we Wizards here at myTrueSound have been preparing for the next update we’ve been thinking about AudioWizards’ future a lot. And you know what, this time we want YOU to be part of it!

Inspired by the music competition we held back in the Summer, we’ve decided to hold out a community idea competition. This time, however, there isn’t only one but SIX categories! Whether you like writing stories or designing gameplay, we’ve got you covered.


Here are the categories: 

  1. Design a new wizarding hat for AudioWizards! 

  2. Design a new enemy for AudioWizards! 

  3. Expand AudioWizards gameplay! 

  4. Write a new story about AudioWizards! 

  5. Write a new character to AudioWizards! 

  6. Compose a new song for AudioWizards!

Each category is expanded further together with the rules down below /on our website. In short, for each category we will choose one winning entry. You can enter as an individual person or as a group of a maximum of 3 people. The competition will be run for 1 month.


Each winning entry will get a copy of AudioWizards and our upcoming game MusicMaze for each member and a very high chance for the idea to be implemented into AudioWizards game or universe! Every implemented idea will also receive a respective entry in the game’s credits.

The competition will officially start on the 1st of October and will run until the 3rd of November. Each group can submit one entry per category on our website submission form. We expect that each person/group has read and understood the competition rules before submitting it.

If you are experiencing trouble with the submission form's accessibility you can send your submission directly to our e-mail: audiowizards@mytruesound.com

Without further ado, have a happy competition!

AudioWizards Idea Competition Rules 


General Submission Rules:

1. Each participating person or group can submit only one entry to each category. You can only be part of one group per category. Violating any of the rules will result in disqualification.

2. Be and act civil.  


3. AudioWizards is based in a world of magic and magical elements. Please consider this before submitting an idea that may take elements from another genre such as guns and weapons.

4. No offensive or sexual content. 

  • AudioWizards is rated as suitable for 7-9 years old. Before submitting, please remember to check if your submission is suitable as the competition is open for everyone.


5. No real-life politics. 

  • Please avoid any topics in your submissions that are tied to real-life politics. Politics within the world of AudioWizards are still allowed in for example when writing a story, however. 


6. Credit for the creator. 

  • Each submission is credited as a work of its inventors. Copying and plagiarism are highly forbidden. All winning entries will be credited after the person or group who invented them. MyTrueSound Oy holds all the rights to AudioWizards brand and work related to it.  


7. Age

  • Participants under the age of 16 need to have a legal guardian's consent in order to participate.​

Privacy Policy.

  • myTrueSound Oy might publish submission ideas publicly. Any personal information related to submissions such as names, email addresses etc. will not be published without the participants' consent.


  • Personal information related to submissions such as names, email addresses etc. will not be disclosed to anyone outside of myTrueSound.


If you want your submission, entry or personal data to be deleted from our databank, please contact us in the email audiowizards@mytruesound.com.


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