Write a new character for AudioWizards!

The main characters in the stories featured in AudioWizards have been the player themselves and Saundaman, the player's mentor. Saundaman is a wise and old AudioWizard and recognizable figure across all of the Sondveiw. He might also be a little goofy and careless at times, but his heart is at the right place. People call him a tea addict but he himself shrugs it off as just liking it very much (you can draw your own conclusion out of that). Other characters that exist in the stories of AudioWizards are the Altto Academy’s principal, Rehtory, and an assistant teacher Mezafort.

Your job is to write a new character into the stories of AudioWizards. The character can be of any age and personality. They can be a hero, a villain or just like any regular citizen. They should have a history and motivation. Tell us also how they sound like and how do they behave with the existing characters. If you are able to you can provide us a voice acting samples. You can also provide any visual description of how they should look like and what do they usually wear.

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