Design a new enemy for AudioWizards! 

Enemies in AudioWizards are monsters with elemental properties. They are called “Distortions” and they come from a yet unknown dimension. Their gateway to the world of Sondveiw is through dark portals that hold immense power. They may seem unstoppable, but they are especially weak against their elemental weaknesses. There’s no way a flaming monster could stand a chance against a watery missile, right?

Your job is to design a new enemy for the wizards to face. Describe what the enemy does and how it should behave against the player. The enemy should be bid to the rules of the game i.e. it should move towards the player from three different directions. The player should also be able to handle it with the existing spells; fire, water, lightning and earth. Additionally, describe what does the enemy looks and feels like. Is it imbued in a certain element or is it perhaps three stores tall giant, saw-toothed horror. You can also give any other background information about it. Most importantly, remember to fit the enemy into the AudioWizards universe of magic, wizards and elements! If you are able to, you can also provide us a picture or sketch, but this is only optional. 

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