Design a new wizarding hat for AudioWizards!

Wizarding Hats are an equipable feature in the Endless Mode. Wizarding Hats hold out special powers that can affect the user both positively and negatively. Most hats give a score multiplier so getting those sweet juicy points is a little bit more rewarding. Greater points come at the greater costs of course and some hats require an experienced user to get most out of them!

Your job is to design a new hat for the wizards embarking into the Endless Mode. Describe what the hat does; what good does it do and whether it has any downsides. A good rule of thumb is that stronger effects give worse side-effects! Additionally, describe what does the hat feel to wear and touch i.e. what kind of hat it is. Here the sky’s the only limit, so feel free to take “artistic” liberties when describing your preferred headgear. If you are able to you can also provide us a picture or sketch but this is only optional.  

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