Write a new story about AudioWizards!

AudioWizards sets in the world of magical Sondveiw. The world is inhabited by a group of short, round-headed people with shining blue eyes. Their world’s capital, Altto, holds a prestigious Altto Academy where new AudioWizards are trained every year. The player and their mentor, Saundaman, both come from this academy. There exist other academies and cities across Sondveiw. The world is frozen in medieval times with mysterious magic powers, called Audio, empowering their inventions and daily lives. The powers behind it are still a mystery but it is known they are based around the four elements; fire, water, lightning and earth.

Your job is to write a news story based on the world of AudioWizards. The story can be from the past, present or the future and can include characters not featured in the game. The story can, for example, be about Saundaman’s greatest tea experience or about how the lives of the daily citizens go by. The only rule here is that it fits as well as it can into the universe of AudioWizards. If you are able to, you can also provide us a picture or sketch, but this is only optional.

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