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Kilta is a single-player auto battler strategy RPG featuring item management, an interesting story supported by a growing cast of unique characters, charming pixel art in a 2.5D environment, and a stunning soundtrack.

Kilta is a game about being a Guildmaster of a newly established guild. The guild accepts commissions and quests from all walks of life. A party needs to be dispatched to take on the challenges and earn glory and recognition, as well as hefty rewards for the guild.



Developer & Publisher: 

  • myTrueSound 

Release Date:  

  • Early Access 20/11/2020

  • 1.0 Launch 06/07/2022




  • 10.79€/12,99$

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Grow Your Guild

Recruit new guild members from a growing cast of heroes. All heroes are unique with their own characteristics, abilities, and dialogue. Should you recruit Rufus, the mighty macaque guardian that excels in traditional martial arts known to his people? Or Maryu, the heart-warming but savage old lady that can curse your opponents?

Strategy Is Key

Always check what enemies your active party is going to face in the upcoming quests. By equipping better items and checking enemy compositions you can minimize your losses and always topple your foes. Try to find the perfect (or the most broken) combinations of heroes and items!

Item Management

Items are divided into weapons and equipment. Your job as the Guildmaster is to equip your heroes with whatever you have at hand. Items are earned through quests and occasionally through dialogue. There are no character-related restrictions on the items. You are free to experiment with different combinations of items and discover the most powerful builds.


The auto battling combat system delivers tactical and engaging action. At the beginning of each battle, it is important to consider the enemies, their abilities, and their formation, when positioning your heroes. The heroes will fight by themselves but your preparations will decide the outcome. In appearance, the battles offer explosive visuals, insanely good music, and cinematic camera action.

Become the Best Guildmaster

Every hero has a background that they may want to share with you. Most often the heroes are arguing by themselves and, in a way or another, it's up to you to resolve their conflicts. Some choices might lead to surprising outcomes that can even affect the results of the battles up ahead. Are you the caring and capable Guildmaster or do you swing to be the worst leader of them all?




Kilta is developed by myTrueSound. MyTrueSound is a Finnish start-up company based in Turku, Finland with a young team full of passion and talent. MyTrueSound has set on a quest to make all their games accessible to help raise the industry standards on accessibility.

Kilta started its development in early 2020 as the developers behind the critically acclaimed AudioWizards, an accessible audio game, decided to make a new game that is equally fun, exciting, and accessible for everyone.


Kilta was designed as an auto battler from the very start. The genre is new and trendy, with little previous exploration done in the industry. The genre is also very approachable when it comes to accessibility, a perk that we value in high regard. Many of myTrueSound's developers are also fans of the genre which solidified the decision to make Kilta just that - accessible auto battler that we could enjoy playing ourselves.

Due to the, in many ways, surprising year (ehem), we had an opportunity to take part in many online events. Kilta won the second prize in a nationwide competition, Bit1, in Finland as was praised as a finally refined idea with full of potential. Kilta was also a part of the on

After nearly two years of development and an early access phase, we are finally here at the 1.0 launch on Steam. The decision to do early access was easy - we wanted to involve the fans and the community as early on in the development as possible. We avoided that in our previous title, AudioWizards, where we wanted to ship a finely refined quality product first and foremost. However, after all the feedback and positive ideas we got after the launch, we decided that this time, we would make full use of the potential for players to be involved in the development.

Video & Images

Videos & Images

Logos / Icons

Logos & Icons
Kilta Logo

Awards & Recognitions

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The People Behind Kilta


Lead Programmer - Joonas Muukkonen

Programmer & Designer - Axel Lindberg

Programmer & Desginer - Marko Pakanen


Art & Visual Assets:

Concept Art & Character Design - Pauliina Linjama

Game Logo Design - Lassi Muukkonen



Janne Kantola


Audio Design:

Joonas Hamilas

Writing & Marketing:

Jani Nevaranta

Additional Marketing:
Valentin Thomas
Lauri Rantala


Executive Producer:

David Oliva

Special Thanks to Turku Game Hub!


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