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Welcome to our seventh guest DOTS RPG Project!

When AudioWizards first entered the Twitter-verse DOTS RPG Project were one of the first ones to reach out to us and talk about some kind of co-operation. A lot of time has passed since then but finally the day has arrived! We interviewed Jess Dempsey the president, director and guild master of DOTS RPG Project. Check out the full interview from the link below. 

This weeks guest

DOTS RPG Project

Operating from New York, DOTS RPG Project begun when Jack (former director) wanted to make tabletop role playing games accessible for his friend D. In August 2018 Jack stepped out from the daily tasks and passed the torch to Jess Dempsey.

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Previous guests

Sam Seavey

From Lexington, Kentucky Sam's working on a company called the Blind Shell, a company that's making a mobile phone for the visually impaired. His passion lies on his YouTube channel called - The Blind Life. 

Jesse Anderson

Ian Hamilton

Liam Erven

Riley Rose Frazy

Brandon Cole

Other news


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