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Å pitch - Do good, Do business

We were very happy to receive an invitation to participate in the next Å-pitch event, which will be held in Turku on 28.8.19. NICE!!

According to the organizers "Å Pitch is the first Nordic pitching event under the slogan ‘do good, do business’. We promote startups and SMEs doing value-based business by providing technologies and solutions that ‘do good’, be it combating climate change, fostering sustainable development, developing peace tech, water, waste and food solutions, trustworthy AI, etc. We want to bring together businesses, NGOs, investors and public organisations to provide a platform for all these actors to meet and discuss co-operation, funding and financing as well as finding joint business opportunities."

The main price is great, and the competition is going to be very hard!

Very good start-ups fighting here, not only to win, but also for a better world!

Å Pitch is an official side event of Shift Business Festival. More information about Å pitch here

Promotional picture of the Å pitch event, with a picture of the Aura river at night and some nice colors all around
Promo picture of the Å pitch event


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