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December game update. What it includes

Here is our plan for the December update!

1. Position-dependent effects to further enhance the tactical aspect of battling. This will give more interest and fun to the battles. Not all heroes neither the enemies had cool visual effects yet, and that will be solved now.

2. A progression feature called Guildmaster level. Our goal here is to add and improve the roguelike elements of the game, and increase replayability. Players can't learn all about the heroes and the world of the twin continents with only one play. Adding this Guildmaster Level will make more fun to dive deep into Kilta.

3. A way to recycle items. We will improve the inventory system and still we prefer not to tell much about how it will work, but we will bring a system to make more use of the items you collect during your play time.

4. Comprehensive improvements to the score system. This is one of the things we had to do yes or yes. From now on (when the update is ready before the end of the year) the player will understand better how the scoring and battle algorithms work and so the learning curve should get smoother.

Best wishes and happy December

David and the rest of myTrueSound Team

picture including a resume of the update's contents. The text in the article provides more information than the picture : D


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