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KILTA 1.0 officially launched

After two years and a half of hard work, with very few monetary resources but with huge passion by all team members, we are glad to share the great news. Kilta game has been officially launched and version 1.0 is out there.


Kilta is a single-player auto battler strategy RPG featuring item management, an interesting story supported by a growing cast of unique characters, charming pixel art in a 2.5D environment, and a stunning soundtrack.


  • Overhauled the progression system.

    • The two starting heroes of each run are selected from the heroes unlocked in previous runs.

    • The hero star ranking is now persistent across playthroughs and earned by defeating bosses.

    • Included a new hard mode where the player can try to reach the true ending with their ranked up party of heroes.

    • Made final upgrades to sound and visual effects while attempting to fill the audiovisual void. (Regrettably, still in progress.)

  • Added new music and battle environments.

  • Improved the graphical user interface for clearer and smoother gaming experience.

  • Overhauled the guildmaster skill system.

    • The player will have up to 3 different skills at their disposal in every battle.

    • Added new skills including passive skills that have a constant effect in every battle.

  • Added accessibility features for the blind and visually impaired.

  • Added a new tutorial system and revised the in-game help section.

  • Made multiple smaller additions and improvements to the game ranging from very small details to bigger features.

For the time being, we intend to continue developing Kilta because we feel that the game still has a lot of room for improvement. We feel like we can still make the game better, a lot better. Although there hasn't been much feedback about the game and its features in general during the Early Access phase, except maybe about the accessibility features, which have gathered a lot of feedback in a very short time, it has been a blast to see interactions amongst the community with Kilta being in the center. It has been nice to respond to the wishes expressed by the community and be able to develop much-requested features and make changes according to the reviews and discussion on Steam, our official Discord server, and other social media platforms.

As always, if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions regarding Kilta, such as a new exciting and refreshing game mode, we'd love to hear about it in Kilta's Steam discussions or on our Discord server.

Our deepest gratitude to our community as well as our current and to-be contributors. Thank you.


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