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Looking for Beta-testers for AudioWizards-Multiplayer

We are looking for 100 beta testers to play the first beta of AudioWizards-Multiplayer and provide feedback about what things need fixing and improvements. If you like to test this game AND provide feedback about it, keep reading.

myTrueSound team has been working very hard in three simultaneous projects during the spring, and one of them, AudioWizards-Multiplayer (AW-MP) is finally going to beta. First alpha version revealed that the game is quite stable and playable. After few small improvements that we still need to do, we think we are ready to start the beta phase in three weeks more or less.

Here some facts about how the game and how the current game mode looks like at this moment;

• AW-MP is 1st person shooter type where the player fights simultaneously against three other players. In the future other game modes will enable more simultaneous players

• Game includes visuals, but sounds have been designed to make the playing experience as accessible as possible.

• The fighting arena is a small underground maze.

• The game atmosphere is based in the fantasy world of Soundweiv presented in the original AudioWizards game.

• The player plays as a distortion, and needs to choose before every re-spawn which elemental magic plays with (earth, lightning, water, fire)

• Each element has its pros and cons, and to destroy an enemy you need to identify from the sounds what type of element the enemy is, and choose the magic spell with best affinity

• The game play in the current game mode lasts 5 minutes or until one player eliminates 15 enemies. Score board tells who won.

The game only works on PC!

Here some rules for the best-testers;

• Apply before 22nd May 2020

• To apply send an email to

• We are only interested in players that will provide after playing feedback about how we can improve the game. Please, if you only want to play for free, wait until the final release. We really need the feedback to make a better game

• Beta-testers will not talk negatively about the game in game forums and similar discussion places until its release date, because whatever is bad in the game or does not work well, we will try to improve and fix before the final release

• Feedback about the game will occur through a google forms document. We really expect each tester to provide a feedback.

• Feedback form will include several questions about the sounds, controls, game mode, etc.

• Instructions about the beta-testing procedure will be given later via email to the testers

So, are you interested?

Best regards, the AW-MP team


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