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Music competition! Get ur music on a game!

Hello blind musicians from all around the world!

We, at myTrueSound, are very excited to invite you to become a part of our enthusiastic team. We hope to launch by 1st September our new audio game called AudioWizards (for iOS and Android), and we have thought that it would be cool if your music can make it also to the game, so it can be listened and enjoyed by hopefully tens of thousands of people.

AudioWizards is a battle mode game where the player is a magician in a world of might and magic. The task in the game is to defend the village from the attacks of evil creatures taking the form of the four basic elements; water, electricity, ground, and fire. The game includes very basic visuals, and the main game mechanics are based on 3D-audio. The game includes ten levels, each of them lasting 5 minutes, where each new level has a different background music. Therefore, after playing and unlocking the ten levels, you have gotten to hear ten fantastic music tracks created all of them by blind musicians.

Our goal is that all music and sound effects in the game are being created and played by blind musicians and audio designers. So far, all sound effects were created by English audio designer Justin Macleod, and the music by Finnish musician Mikko Herranen. But that is not enough! We also want your music if it has what it needs.

So, we have decided to launch a competition for the game music and we invite you all to take part. The goal is to select the work of five musicians to be featured on the game.

Here are the rules and most important info.

1. Listen to the demo songs included in this post (also direct links here, here, and here, and get the feel of what kind of music and atmosphere could work in the world of magic. Your music does not need to be very similar to what Mikko did already, but it needs to suit the game anyhow.

2. Compose your own song to participate. The length needs to be minimum 1 minute long and maximum 5 minutes long. The final song for the game needs to be 5 minutes long, but you don’t need to do it so long for now.

3. Send the song to in MP3, MIDI format, or just by sharing a link where we can download it.

4. Deadline for the song 30.6.2019, but you can send it as soon as you have it.

5. The best five compositions, not the best five productions wins. This means, it’s about the music and the atmosphere, not about mixing or sound design. Concentrate on the composition and make it really magical. Consider that some players might need tens of times to pass the level where your song is located (yeah, some levels are going to be pretty hard), and therefore, the music needs to be cool, nice, enjoyable, and so on, so people don’t get bored of it too early!

6. The winning songs will be finalized (mixed, arranged or whatever needs to be done) by Finnish music producer Mikko Herranen together with the winners.

7. The winning songs will be released in the game as game music.

8. The winners will get a payment of 150 € (please, understand our budget is very limited) plus their name on the credits of the game.

9. The winners will get an economic bonus of 200 € if the game is downloaded over 10 000 times from the app stores in a period of 1 year (we hope you help us here with the marketing, ‘smile’).

10. The IPR of the selected songs will be shared. That means, the musician is able to use that music further for any personal or professional purpose, except when that will damage the reputation or honor of myTrueSound (very unlikely because we all are cool). The company, us, will be able to use the music for an unlimited period of time on any future launch, update, or any activity related to the business activities of the company, e.g. marketing.

11. The competition is only open to blind and low vision musicians, but certainly we won’t ask any evidence.

If you have any questions, just ask!

Best regards

myTrueSound team


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