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New AW version/update 1.0.1 ready

Hi folks

Just a quick note about the first update which is trying to get install in your phones. If you didn't purchase it yet, this a good chance, since we took care about some bugs and fixes which were needed to be done.

Here is the list of improvements for iOS with this update:

- Updated Unity Engine version. This should improve the overall stability of the game.

- Updated how the gestures affect Control and Notification Center.

- Significantly reduced the file size of the game by optimizing the assets (about half the size of previous version).

- Screen should now stay on when the user does not interact with the screen for extended period of time.

- Fixed how the game handles the Stars. This should fix how some players had additional Stars. If the issue persists, pressing the "Default Settings" on the Options Menu should remove any extra Stars.

-Fixed a bug where Principal's Monocle didn't keep the Principal Prime soundtrack playing when restarting Endless Mode.

- Saundaman no longer practices sleep talking.

- Various other small fixes and improvements.

For Android the list of improvements is a little bit shorter. For instance, the size of the app was already 4 times smaller than in iOS.

We really appreciate all the friendly feedback you sent us. We have tried our best. Hopefully, the Pixel phones that were having issues don't have them anymore. If you still find out something, please, let us know, in this same page, or by an email to

A second update might come up within some weeks, but still we can't say neither when either what will include.

Best regards and good playing

David and the AudioWizards dev team

Three Wizards standing and ready for the fight


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