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Soundaman is 1 year old. AudioWizards and AudioMagos on sale!

Soundaman drinking a cup of tea. The steam emerging from the cup of tea includes the four magic elements. The name of the game with letters and braille characters is displayed under it.

One year ago we launched into the game mobile market AudioWizards, a fully accessible game, where the player, with the help of the crazy Soundaman, had to save the world of Soundweiv from the invasion of evil distortions.

The feedback of the game, specially from the blind community, was amazing. They really loved it, and their words encourage us to continue making games fully accessible. Accessibility here is understood as games which can be played by anyone!

To celebrate this first anniversary, we put the game (and also its Spanish version AudioMagos) on sale in the app stores. Each euro we get from here, will be used to make our next game Kilta also fully accessible. If you didn’t play the game yet, don’t miss the chance. If you did, please, share the news. Thanks

Here the links to the app store and google play for AudioWizards:

And here are the links for AudioMagos


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