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The mountain that is accessibility

Doing accessible games is not always easy, and easy or not, it takes time, effort and resources. We could not get Kilta in an accessible form for the Blind and Visually Impaired playing community because of lack of funding. It was not an easy decision, but at some point during the summer we decided to go for an early access launch without accessibility. Our goal is to take care of that issue asap!

For sure, this has been strange and difficult to understand to most of our followers. The blind community has supported us from the very beginning, and so we understand well their thoughts about this issue.

We decided to bring a litt

le bit more of light to this issue, and we wrote a post about the mountain that it is accessibility. The article was written by our lead programmer Joonas Muukkonen. You can find

that post in the audiogame forums and in our diary page at indiedb.

capture of the article by Joonas Muukkonen about the mountain that is accessibility


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