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Update about Episode 1 launch

Logos of Google Play and App Store (the App Store logo with a red cross because is not yet downloadable there)

Dear Friends

We have some good and some bad news about the launch of GoldGun Episode 1 which was schedule for 31st January 2019.

The good news are that Android players will be able to enjoy the adventures of Soren according to plans.

The bad news are that Apple players will have to wait. Our game has not passed their quality control, regarding "Design". They demand from us to add a Back button.

We answered them like this: "It's unfortunate this was not identified in the previous built as then it could have been remediated in this version. Our app does have a return to the main menu (or back button) feature on the game screen, even if you do not see it. It's a gesture of tapping the screen with two fingers simultaneously twice. The How To Play section on the main game menu explains this.

The primary audience for this app is blind and visually impaired people and our internal testing has shown these gestures are more familiar for blind people to use. This is because the gestures are similar to those used on a screen reader. Adding a button on the screen will have a negative impact to the overall user experience for the apps' primary audience for two reasons:

1. A button will be likely be accidentally pressed interrupting game play and frustrating the player 2. A button would require screen reader support in game, which would drown out the in game audio as every time they tap or interact it would prompt a reaction for the screen reader.

I'd ask you reconsider the rejection of this app as the suggested change would be detrimental to the core audience, and as the feature is implemented in a non visual way."

Despite our explanation, the built was rejected.

We will work to solve this problem tomorrow 9:00 am sharp, and add the button they so much wish. We apologize for the delay to all the players who wanted to test the game asap.


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