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We are myTrueSound Oy, an indie start-up based in Finland. Our company was born in 2017 with the goal of developing the next generation of audiogames fully accessible to the blind and visually impaired playing community. Nowadays, we keep doing games, but we have opened our model to all types of players. In other words, we do epic games for game masters, and we try that they are as accessible and playable as they can be. Sometimes that is difficult, since accessibility is a mountain ; ) but we try to stick to our origin and our ideals.

Our small team includes a diverse array of talent from key areas such as; audio research, software development & programming and audio engineering. To complement our audio knowledge our programmers have the passion and skills to create and implement our ideas to life.

If you would like to know more about us, send a message, call, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or pass by. You can also visit our Discord server.

Our aim is to create epic games with a high replay value and with a strong focus on game audio. We have always believed that creating games for the visually impaired with the visually impaired is the key to fulfilling higher standards and reaching our goal. We are myTrueSound, and we hear the difference.

We hope to set an example for other companies in the entertainment industry to recognize the need for accessibility.

If you want to be part of the team, or help us in one way or another, don't wait. Tell it! 


We launched our first mobile gaming experience, GoldGun, for both Apple and Android devices on 31 January 2019. GoldGun was more of a demo than a complete game. The development of GoldGun has since been put on hold. 

We released our first complete game AudioWizards for both iOS and Android on September 1st, 2019. AudioWizards is a fully blind & visually impaired accessible audio game where you combat incoming enemies using elemental magic. Find out everything you need to know about AudioWizards on its page!

Currently (April 2020) we are working on KILTA (an RPG-manager autobattler), AudioWizards-Multiplayer, and AudioMagos.

If you love playing games, like challenges, and want to be put to the test in all our adventures, follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we release frequent updates about our current projects!

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