We are myTrueSound Oy, an indie start-up, based in Finland, developing the next generation of immersive audio games. Our audio games are designed primarily for the visually impaired, who in turn are the best possible listeners and experts when talking about sound quality and truthfulness of the audible experience.

Our small team includes a diverse array of talent from key areas such as; audio research, the music industry, software development, and an audio engineer, Mikko Herranen, who has been blind since birth. Within audio alone we have gathered more than 50 years’ experience in important areas like audio creation, room acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music. To complement our audio knowledge our programmers have the passion and skills to create and implement whatever we want.

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Our aim is to set a new standard in Game Audio related to the quality and truthfulness of the experience, and become the market leader in audio games for the visually impaired. We have always believed that creating games FOR the visually impaired WITH the visually impaired is the key to fulfilling higher standards and reaching our goal. We are myTrueSound, and we hear the difference.

We hope to set an example for other companies in the entertainment industry to recognise that the visually impaired people have their own areas of expertise.

If you want to be part of the team, or help us in one way or another, don't wait. Tell it! 

We launched our first mobile gaming experience, GoldGun, for both Apple and Android devices on  31 January 2019. The story is long and will be told over multiple episodes. In this first person roleplay game you are Soren, a policeman fighting against all sorts of criminal activities hiding within the GoldGun.

In addition, we have started to work on two further projects, AudioWizards and MusicMaze due to be released mid and late 2019 respectively. 

You can discover more on our Games page.

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Our expertise is shareable:  Yes, you always can ask us to be part of your projects. If you are a game developer, a movie producer, a VR creator… and you want to improve your sounds and turn them into full immersive experiences, then please call us, the experts!

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