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AudioWizards Multiplayer

Fully Accessible Multiplayer Game 

Play with your friends or do new ones while playing this fully accessible multiplayer game.

Following the success of AudioWizards, AudioWizards-Multiplayer is ALMOST here! This time, you will not be a hero fighting against distortions, but you will be a distortion yourself. Select which element you want to play, dive into the underground maze, and stay sharp to fight and survive. Prove to your friends, or to your enemies, who is the best!

AudioWizards Multiplayer will be on beta-testing starting in May 2020. Do you want to be selected? Keep following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or read our posts in most popular audiogame forums! And sure, don`t forget to check out the trailer. 



Multiplayer: Fight against your friends and prove your Audiowizards skills

Graphics: Simple but appealing graphics with nice particle effects

3D sound: Fully immersive 3D audio, not only to recognize where the enemy players are, but also to reveal your location within the maze and where you can move to. 

Fully Accessible: In game support for visually impaired

Skillful gameplay: Easy to play but hard to master. Victory only at the hand of skillful players with good concentration, patience and high reflexes. 

TeamworkNew game modes coming soon.

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