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Welcome to the AudioWizards music competition site!

In July 2019 we held a music competition for blind & visually impaired community to compose music for our game AudioWizards.  


 In total, we got over 40 different songs! It was surprising how active the competition was and how many great songs we received.



3 – The Majesty of Magic, Andre Louis
5 – Misplaced Magicks, Cara Quinn
11 – An Ode to Turlough, Jim Fidler
16 – Sorcery -Master Mix, Yukio Nozawa
17 – Mind Journey, Zaina Arekat
21 – Dance of the Elements, Remy Chartier
23 – WizardGameMusic, Steve Spamer
38 – Become a Master Wizard, Alan Escola

Huge thanks to all the participants! 

A blue water monster with 2 horns lurking in a corner
A purple lightning monster with jagged horns in the middle crackling with electricity
Brown earth monster with spiraling horns lurking in another corner