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Release Date

31st Jan. 2019


First Episode: Free

Other episodes (each): € 2.50

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20520 Turku


Press Release

GoldGun is an audio game – no visual content – where you play the adventures of Soren, a police officer investigating cybercriminal activity in the deep web.

The game is presented in a cinematic like experience and it is delivered through seven episodes, in a format similar to TV series. Each episode is launched every two or three months. The first episode (launch date 31st January 2019) is completely free, so everybody can play and enjoy it. The game is published for iOS and Android mobile devices. The sounds in the game are implemented using 3D-audio in order to provide an immersive experience and playing with headphones is highly recommended. The game mechanics include the use of the gyroscope (tilt the phone to move) and tactile interface (swipe and tap actions to interact with objects).

The story is presented like a single-player narrative, with extensive voice acting and no use of voice-over software. Each episode includes a series of minigames, which grow in length and complexity as the story deepens and progresses in the future episodes.

Background of myTrueSound

myTrueSound is an innovative company making mobile audio games for the blind and visually impaired. Two other games are in the pipeline; Audio Wizards and Music Maze. In addition, we are working on our own Immersive Audio Game Engine (IMAGE). IMAGE will enable us to make higher quality audio games, in a reduced timeframe compared to traditional game engines. Furthermore, a priority is to make it accessible, so blind game developers can join our team or ultimately use it for their own projects.

We are a strong, ambitious, and well-motivated team. The company was founded by David Oliva, Mikko Herranen and Jussi Elsilä in October 2017. The team currently is composed of eight members, including programmers, sound designers, and game designers. The company has been funded by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland AVEK and by the European Union Horizon 2020 SME instrument.


David Oliva (CEO) has become with this venture an entrepreneur, but he keeps working in Turku University of Applied Sciences as a researcher, teacher, and sound quality specialist, holding more than 15 years’ experience in room acoustics and psychoacoustics. He is also working towards his PhD studies at University of Turku.


Mikko Herranen is visually impaired since birth and sound perception is his specialty. He is a rock star and has produced 50 albums as a music producer and mixing engineer, sang at thousands of gigs, and reached semi-finals in “Voice of Finland” singing competition. He also loves gaming and accessible technology.


Jussi Elsilä is an excellent audio designer with years of experience in sound design and music production for gaming and the audio-visual industries. He is familiar with the latest software in music and gaming technology, and besides his own company Audire Productions, he plays the piano and bass in various music groups.

Despite providing new entertainment, we also aim to provide working opportunities for the blind. We have currently an open position for a skilled, blind, C# programmer, living in Finland to join our team. Collaboration with blind audio game designers is also within our interest.

Logo & Icon

myTrueSound logo 1158x316 white1.png
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