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This weeks guest

Liam Erven

Liam has always been interested in all things technical and gaming. He found the concept of video gaming amazing and always wondered how he could introduce it to those who were blind. That is why he started to make games himself.

My name is Liam Erven, and I was born with Norie Disease. This caused my optic nerves and retinas not to form properly. As another unfortunate side effect, I also suffer from hearing loss in one ear.

I have always had an interest in all things technical and all things gaming. I found the concept of video gaming amazing and always wondered how I could introduce it to those who were blind.


In 2002, I began to create my own audio games, and in 2004 I released what would be a ground-breaking game. Super Liam. Super Liam is a side-scrolling platformer that was loosely modeled on games like Super Mario and other platformers.

Over the years I've created several games which you can check out at the LWorks website. I also spend a lot of my time trying to advocate for increased accessibility in mainstream gaming. I feel that everyone should be able to play together. To that end, I've created a YouTube channel that you can check out. I post videos of various games where I describe how I am able to play them. 

Liam's games and more: 




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