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AudioWizards is a fully blind & visually impaired accessible audio game where you combat incoming enemies using elemental magic. Audio games are games that can be played using only the audio. Even games without visuals are possible! 


Making the audio and sounds as good as possible has always been the main focus for the AudioWizard’s development but we think fun and unique art style can still be equally as important.

AudioWizards is set in the world of Sondveiw, a world inhabited by an organization called, you guessed it, AudioWizards. The organization was formed to defend Sondveiw from Distortions, nasty creatures that thrive in noise, adamant on consuming the world in it. 

AudioWizards believe sound enables their magic and gives a meaning to it, but it’s hard to find harmony with all that Distorting noise around. 

You play as an apprentice of a seasoned wizard called Saundaman. Saundaman’s teaching methods are pretty much “learn as you go” while he enjoys and quenches his never-ending thirst for tea.



AudioWizards is developed by myTrueSound. MyTrueSound is a Finnish start-up company making accessible audio games for the blind and visually impaired. MyTrueSound has set on a quest to make an accessible game engine to raise industry standards on accessibility. Making games is a right for everyone.

AudioWizards started as a university project during a certain Capstone Project course. An assignment was setup by myTrueSound; to create a new accessible audio game. This gathered the interest of 9 students studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences. MyTrueSound's CEO David Oliva shared his data about audio games and our collective conclusion was: -- Create an audio game that offers challenge and tons of fun equal to any other video game.  


After a few meetings and a lot of brainstorming, we concluded that one idea, a game with wizards and magic, was the most popular choice among us. Thus the first idea about AudioWizards was born. During the project, we had two different showrooms where students showcased their projects. 


AudioWizards was always very well received and we even won an award for the “Most Unique Game Idea” from the ICT-Showroom jury. The course ended in May 2019 but the AudioWizards journey is still moving forward. There are 5 students from the original team continuing the development of AudioWizards. Many of the sounds and music in AudioWizards have been done in collaboration with the blind and visually impaired community.  


myTrueSound Oy

Visiting Address: Itäinen Pitkäkatu 4, 20520 Turku, Finland


Phone: +358 40 0807 594

Audio Games Development

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