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AudioWizards 1.1.0 update, sale, & other news!

Hello everyone! You might have already noticed but AudioWizards just got updated with 1.1.0 patch. As the updated has now hit online we think this is a great opportunity to talk about stuff that’s going on at the moment.

The patch 1.1.0, named “Saundaman is Missing!”, includes 5 new story levels and 3 hats for the Endless Mode as well as some minor adjustments and bug fixes. In the story levels, you solve the mystery behind Saundaman’s sudden disappearance with the help of audio logs that have seemingly been left behind. The levels are, of course, ramped up in difficulty so now is a good chance to test out your skills!

Now is also a good chance to test the game out in case you haven’t yet as AudioWizards is going on SALE in both Apple App Store & Google Play! The sale is only for a limited time in both stores (7 days in Play Store & 16 days App Store) so be quick! The sale should be starting either today or tomorrow.

We have also reviewed each entry that we got for the Design Competition but as not to drag out this thread, we will make a separate announcement about it later this week soon after. We will contact the winners afterward to distribute the prize.

Thanks for all the participants!


So, what else have we been up to? Currently, we have two additional projects running in the background. MusicMaze, a new game you might have heard a little bit here and there, and an AudioWizards related one.

MusicMaze will be an endless runner set in the mazes of Liande, a world inhabited by tribes of cute and small creatures called Chips. We will unveil a little bit more about MusicMaze later this Winter.

The AudioWizards project is a brand-new project that we just recently started. However, the concept behind it isn’t anything new as it’s related to something that we and many of our fans have been tinkering quite a lot; Creating AudioWizards multiplayer! Just like last year, this project will be planned in cooperation together with students from the local university. The project is still brand new so there isn’t much else to say but we will be making updates about it once we have more worthwhile thinks to say.

That’s all for now. Thank you, everyone, who has supported us thus far and hopefully you will be hearing more news about us soon!


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