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ROADMAP 2022. Finally public : )

Logo of kilta and the list of roadmap items described later in the text

New progression system for greater replayability

We have listened to your reviews and feedback and are planning to add a new progression system so that you can play Kilta again and again without getting fed up so easily. This addition was planned for version 0.9, but now it’s here for real!

Polishing audiovisual effects

The rest of the missing visual effects are going to be added to version 1.0. Also, instances where multiple sound effects may play at the same time are a concern to us, thus we’ve decided to improve the system in question and generally better mix the sounds.

Hard mode with new final ending

Our difficulty multipliers were fun, but hard to balance as we advanced in development. Version 1.0 will have a normal mode with reasonable difficulty and a hard mode that you will need to overcome to witness the new ending.

New Story elements

A new NPC will make its appearance, bringing brand new story and dialogue to the game.

Brand new 3D environment

Viljami has worked hard on a new environment, this time 100% in 3D! We published a glimpse of what he was working on, but we can already tell you the final result is amazing. Wait till you see it!

A new boss fight

A fourth boss will join our roster of dreadful chapter ending enemies! It will close our hard mode and end the story of Kilta. For better or worse, everything depends on you…

Accessibility features!

Certain accessible features for the blind and visually impaired will make it to version 1.0. In due time, immediate feedback regarding these features is highly welcome.

What do you think of this plan? Happy we’re getting things done? Tell us in the comment section and we’ll get back to you shortly!


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