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Do you want to win an exclusive KILTA t-shirt?

T-shirt with logo of Kilta and six heroes from the game

Welcome to our first contest! Here are the rules:

- Only runs done during the contest will be accepted. We’re counting on you for being honest on this point ;).

- You can use none, some or all difficulty modifiers if you want to.

- You’ll have to share your character roster recruited during your run on the server as well as a screenshot of your scores here. Multiple submissions are accepted.

- Once you think you have your final score, share it on twitter tagging @Kiltagame and @mytruesound. If you don't have a twitter account, share it in your favorite discord server instead.

- Enjoy your runs! Everybody wins a little something, so take your chance with a short playthrough when you can.

1st place & Fair-play award: myTrueSound tee shirt + keys for our other games (Audiowizards & Heartbeat: Regret) + a surprise from the team

2nd place: myTrueSound Tee shirt + keys for our other games

All other participants: keys for our other games (AudioWizards and Heartbeat: Regret)

Share your tips in the strategy channel of our Discord server to try and win the Fair Play award! Winners will be announced on Wednesday 24th November and rewards sent shortly after. See you then!

And remember, Kilta is a single-player auto battler strategy RPG featuring item management, an interesting story supported by a growing cast of unique characters, charming pixel art in a 2.5D environment, and a stunning soundtrack. Get it on Steam

We are currently in Early Access, launching v1.0 on 1st February 2022 (about : )


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