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Version 0.9.1

We are still in early access in Kilta...and we keep developing it.

We have recently updated the game. Version 0.9.1 adds Palexia to the roster of heroes with her new abilities that can imitate both her allies' and enemies' abilities. Also, many sounds and particle effects in battles have been updated and improved, and more is yet to come. In addition, the patch includes various bug and balance fixes.

Capture from game. Picture shows the portrait of Palexia and a description of her abilities (Imitation and Mirrow Move)


• Added a new hero named Palexia, the Pretender. - Palexia's first ability, Imitation copies and uses an ability from a random ally. - Palexia's second ability, Mirror Move copies and uses an ability from a random enemy. - Added new random dialogues between Palexia and other heroes. - Added a new unique background music (Palexia's theme). • Added an ability trait system. Having multiple same ability traits in the party can grant different bonuses in battles. • Updated many existing guildmaster skills: - The Healing Salve was replaced by the Sacred Shield. A new skill that fully heals a single hero and provides a shield for everyone. • Added a party overview panel to the management mode. • Updated and added many new sound effects to the game. • Added various new visual effects to the game. The first part of the audiovisual overhaul before version 1.0. - All existing statuses now have visual effects. - Replaced the damage and auto-attack visual effects with new ones. - Replaced the ability charged visual effect. - Added sprite animations to certain statuses and ability-related actions.


• Reduced the hard damage from 10% to 3.3% that heroes receive when taking damage. • The health regeneration effects now happen at a lower rate than previously. • Adjusted certain guildmaster skills: - Many guildmaster skills got their numbers tuned up. - The Healing Potion now grants additional regeneration effect that heals 30 HP over time. • The positional effect penalties were removed and the bonuses were adjusted.


• Fixed a bug where the unit cards would scale up when hovering over them while not targeting a guildmaster skill. • Various bug fixes.


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