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Development update 0.8: Introducing alternative abilities

Greetings, Guildmasters!

Once again, we have taken a small step towards the full release of Kilta, our auto-battler indie game.

With version 0.8.0 we've released alternative abilities for the existing heroes while updating and making new music and battle environments to our auto-battler indie game. There is still a lot to do, however, as many aspects of the game are still under heavy construction and without shape. But we will keep working hard and churning this butter to bring the game to a state where the replay value of it reaches our standards.

Battle scene including 4 characters: a female impkin, a magic robot, a demonic lady and a knight with a hammer


  • Added alternative abilities for the heroes. When recruiting a hero, the players can now choose between two completely different abilities.

  • Dalton: Slow Poison; an infinitely stacking poison.

  • Elin: Rousing Melody; heals and buffs.

  • Elin: Striking Tune; strikes and smites the enemies.

  • Emericus: Righteous Quake; righteously strikes a full rank.

  • Kho: Surge of Life; reversed Cycle of Life.

  • Maryu: Sage's Advice; finally some advice from the Swamp Sage in a form of a buff.

  • Pyroarix: Draconic Response; upon use, stores taken damage and uses it to hit enemies with fiery rage.

  • R.A.G.A: Shared Barrier; shields up to 3 allies (excluding self).

  • Rufus: Defensive Assault; chops up to 3 enemies and grants self a defensive buff.

  • Shadowhorn: Vital Cut; damages a single enemy by a fixed percentage of its current health.

  • Solia: Rising Dragon; a stacking auto-attack buff.

  • Velia: Magpie's Mark; Mr. Maggy takes his turn and smacks a single enemy raising its aggro.

  • Added new battle and guild background music.

  • Added a new battle environment and overhauled the already existing one.

Character selection screen with one the left Elin, a female bard with a stringed instrument and on the right Solia, a demonic woman with a trident. Both are dressed in white.


  • Elin's ability Performance was deconstructed, mixed slightly, and divided into two different abilities at the behest of our battle system programmer Marko.

  • Made some minor visual changes to the battle scene (lighting and post processing).

  • Made changes to the recruitment screen to allow for ability selection for the recruited hero.


  • Expect balance changes to the alternative abilities in upcoming patches and updates. All feedback related to the overall balance of the game is more than welcome through either our Discord server or more preferably, Steam discussions.


  • Fixed a bug where the player deployment granted deployment bonuses for the enemies. Whoops...

  • Fixed a bug where certain enemy abilities would hit multiple grid slots in the wrong sequence.

Version 0.8.0 also includes technical ground work for larger future updates. For example, the upcoming patches will expand upon the alternative ability system by tying 'traits' to each ability, which can then be combined in various ways to bring new and interesting effects to the battles. During 0.8.x patches, we'll be also be working on the content for version 0.9.0, for our auto-battler indie game which will be the biggest content update for Kilta since early access start, including a brand new story chapter and the previously revealed new hero!

Regards, guildmasters.


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