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Development Update (January 2021)

Greetings, Guildmasters!

We hope you all had fun during the Holidays and wish you all a good start to 2021. First, we would like to apologize for the "December" update being released in mid-January due to some unexpected technical problems and health issues, both of which have now thankfully been resolved.

The version 0.7.5 added positional effects to the battles and a simple blacksmith to recycle items. You might have noticed that the Guildmaster Level progression feature/leveling system mentioned in the first short-term roadmap under the December title was not included in the patch. We came to a conclusion that it was too early to add the leveling system when so much content is still missing from the game, therefore we would have probably had to redo the entire system in the end.

Some main features of Kilta’s next update are party-wide traits and alternative abilities for the heroes. The heroes will now have different 'traits' tied to their abilities that will activate benefits for the entire party. These benefits will activate when specific combinations of traits are included in the active party. If you get enough heroes with the same trait, the buff will activate. The traits are tied to the alternative abilities that bring the players more ways to customize their heroes. For example, when the player hires R.A.G.A, they will have to pick between two abilities; the original self-shielding ability, or the new ability that shields other party members instead. Both abilities have different traits and the player will have to consider both the ability itself as well as how useful the trait will be to the party.

Concept of a new upcoming hero. She is wearing sexy clothes with theme of roses, and has a flower on the hands creating a strange smoke

In the second upcoming update, we are planning to add a new chapter to the story and overhaul the existing chapters. The new chapter will include several new enemies and items. We are also working on a new battle environment while updating the existing one. In connection with the battle environments, we are also working on making more visual effects, enhance/change existing effects, and generally overhaul the entire audiovisual look. These changes, however, will be announced in more detail at some point in the future.

Concept of a new enemy, wearing heavy clothes made of ice

We will also continue working on increasing the replay value of the game by adding a bunch of new items and item effects among other things. We have made some good progress on the accessibility features as well. We have more additions and improvements in mind that we will share in the future so stay tuned!


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